How To Write Your Own Paycheck As An Influence Marketer

Social media has absolutely changed the world of marketing and advertising. 

This presents an incredible opportunity for women to build a business as an influence marketer, partnering with brands to review and promote their products. 

An influencer usually has a following around content they create and distribute via a blog, social media, or email. The content can be focused on a special interest, lifestyle, or educational information. 

Usually influencers have to put in significant time to grow their following before big brands are willing to pay them to promote their products, but it isn't necessary to have a following already established to start making money right away. 

Why is influencer marketing becoming such a lucrative business opportunity? 

  • The old models of advertising are no longer working, due mostly to the fact that consumers have turned to social media, and digital information outlets to get their news and stay connected.  According to survey statistics, 27% of consumers use ad blocking software, so pay-per click advertising isn't as effective. 
  • According to another study, consumers are more likely to buy when a product is reviewed by an influencer brand over a celebrity brand. This shows that consumers are savvy and don't trust as easily. When the relationship is built via social media, the element of trust is stronger, and companies know it's to their advantage to work with influencers in this space. 

You can write your own paycheck as an influence marketer. 
Using the resources available to you today to launch a blog, social media sites, or youtube channel, you can start building your following immediately. 

And while it will take awhile to build a following large enough to garner the interest of companies willing to pay you $50,000  for just one post, you can use this strategy to start making money in your very first month. 

First, decide what the subject for your brand will be. Is it fashion and beauty? Travel? Educational content? Food? The best way to decide is to identify your own interests and passions and then focus on creating great content around that topic. 

Design the look and feel of your brand. What colors, fonts, images, and logos will you use? You can do brand research on google or Pinterest, and hire someone on to put together a brand board for your business. 

Create a presence on social media, and launch a blog on a platform like Wordpress, Wavoto, or Squarespace. Decide how often you will post content to each of those platforms and start creating content consistently. 

Now you are ready to start promoting products and making money. While you are waiting for your following to grow large enough to broker deals with third party companies, find a direct sales company that has a product that would be ideal for your following and  sign up to be a consultant. 

You can promote that product to your audience and earn anywhere from 20%-50% retail commission on all personal sales, PLUS earn a commission on the sales made by any team members you enroll in the company with you! 

Following this model, you can expect to earn anywhere from $500-$5000 a month while you are in your startup and growth phase.

Take your earning potential to the next level and start a movement of influence marketers building an online brand while simultaneously building a direct sales business.  Direct selling is, after all, the original influence marketing! 

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