Direct Sales: The Original Influence Marketing

Have you every wanted to be an influence marketer? 
You see them everywhere on social media reviewing cool products you want to buy, taking trips to places you'd love to be, and living the dream following their passion. 

They start by growing an audience around a lifestyle, special interest, or educational objective. Once they have a large audience of potential customers, they are approached by companies who think their audience would be a good fit for their products. 
Alternatively, the influencers go out and negotiate deals to promote products they are interested in. 

Influencer marketing has become big business, mainly due to the advent of social media and online marketing! Where companies used to rely on print, radio, and TV advertising to promote their products, they are now investing heavily in influencer marketing. 
Why is influencer marketing becoming such a sought after form of marketing? 

  • The old models of advertising are no longer working, due mostly to the fact that consumers have turned to social media, and digital information outlets to get their news and stay connected.  According to survey statistics, 27% of consumers use ad blocking software, so pay-per click advertising isn't as effective either. 

  • According to another study, consumers are more likely to buy when a product is reviewed by an influencer brand over a celebrity brand. This shows that consumers are savvy and don't trust as easily. When the relationship is built via social media, the element of trust is stronger, and companies know it's to their advantage to work with influencers in this space.

While the term "influencer marketing" is relatively new, this method of advertising has actually been around for more than 50 years. 
The premier method of influencer marketing has been the direct sales / network marketing model of business. 

See, network marketing companies have always known that the most cost effective method of advertising is person to person, via direct sales. 

When a direct sales company makes a decision to launch a brand or product, they can choose to pursue the traditional method of marketing and advertising by speeding hundreds of thousands of dollars on print and news media, or they can build their business on word of mouth advertising by paying product consultants handsomely for their promotion efforts. The benefit to  these companies is two fold: 

1) They can reach the same or greater audiance for a far less financial investment. 

2) The time required to grow a company to a multi-million or billion dollar brand is significantly shorter. 

Launching as a direct selling company is actually an incredible smart business move. 
What's in it for the distributors of network marketing companies? 

Two words: Residual Income.  Those who build a network marketing or direct sales business professionally know that the investment of time and energy to spread the word about the company and products they partner with will continue to pay dividends long into the future. 

Not only do they earn income on the immediate sales, but they will be paid on the sales of all the team members they recruit as long as they are active in the company. 

The influence marketing model  usually pays commission  on a single transaction. When the influencer stops promoting, the income stops too! 

Partnering with a direct sales company as an influencer marketer is an incredibly  smart business move!  

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