I’m Jill Christensen, a mom entrepreneur, online marketing enthusiast, woman-in-business champion,  and coach/mentor to women who side-hustle. I live in the middle of nowhere Washington, and LOVE how the internet has changed the world of marketing.
I help women like you believe in their ability to be successful, own their worth as influencers, marketers, and entrepreneurs, and build a successful side-hustle business that has the potential to become the main-hustle.
I believe entrepreneurship empowers women to reach their highest potential.
To take action towards your goals and aspirations is to believe in yourself. 
When a woman believes in herself, she empowers all those whose lives she touches to believe in themselves!
I want to empower you to believe in yourself and create something you can be proud of in your own side-hustle business! 
I was the little girl on the side of the road selling lemonade or washing cars to make money.
As long as I can remember I have been a schemer and a dreamer, always coming up with business ideas that my little 12-year-old self had neither the resources nor wisdom to see through, but it was in the planning and dreaming that I thrived.
It’s in my blood and part of who God created me to be.
But I struggled to give myself the permission to own my gift and accept that I was never going to fit the mold of who I thought a women was supposed to be.
I had a belief system that said women were meant to raise babies, and if they tried to do anything else they would do it at the cost of being a good mother.
I went to college knowing that what I really wanted to do was study business, but also knowing I wanted a family and to be a mom. So I tried to fit the mold of what a good mom and wife would do and study elementary education. It didn’t take me long to realize that wasn’t what I wanted to do at all, but I continued to change my major every other semester as I tried to find something that fit who I was and what I thought I should be.
At one point I took a marketing class and LOVED it. In fact, the professor called me into her office after the first exam and let me know I set the curve for the class. The funny thing about it was that I hadn’t even studied. It just came natural to me.
So I decided I would major in marketing.
Shortly after that I was talking with a friend and shared with her that I was majoring in marketing. She asked me “what are you going to do with that?”.
In that moment I was right back at square one trying to reconcile who I was with who I thought I should be.
I changed my major one more time and graduated with a degree in accounting (which I HATE) so that I could at least work from home as a bookkeeper while I was raising my kids.
Fast forward a few years and I found myself married to a husband who worked 60-80 hours a week, with 2 little boys in diapers, and bored out of my mind.
I loved my family, but I wasn’t using my gifts and talents and i knew i needed something else in my life or i would go crazy.
It was at that point I was introduced to a network marketing business and the decision to jump in, totally afraid that I would fail as a mom and businesswoman, absolutely changed my life.
Eight years later, I can look back and see the personal growth I’ve been blessed with through the vehicle of entrepreneurship. I’ve become a better version of myself as I’ve struggled and worked to balance my family and my business, and I can now say with confidence that I AM an awesome mom and a successful businesswoman!
Being an entrepreneur is a gift! I want to share that gift with every woman who has a desire to create something significant and make an impact in the world using her unique gifts and talents.
I want to give the gift of confidence to every woman who doesn’t know she can be something more as she steps up to lead, first herself, second her family, and third the world!